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Thanking the people who inspire us daily

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What we do at Plume Algiers would not be possible without learning from the people of India who did it first.

In this section, we will continuously be adding articles featuring chefs and friends in India and across the globe to show our appreciation and provide a platform for information on Indian cuisine.

"All food is very specific in India; it comes from a region, as you know." - Madhur Jaffrey in an interview with Francis Lam, host of The Splendid Table.

Meherwan Irani praises the late Floyd Cardoz, whom he dubbed "the godfather of modern Indian cuisine," by comparison.

"If Floyd was known for bringing Indian flavors and spices to classical French and modern American cuisine, then I was doing the opposite: bringing classical and modern technique to Indian street food without changing the essential nature and casualness of it."

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Irani, who has formed his own identity in the American South:

"I told my wife, 'I’m going to call myself a Southerner who happens to be of Indian origin, instead of saying, I’m an Indian who happens to be living in the South.' I may not look like a Southerner, but by living and embracing it, I’m hoping to change people’s perception of it."

Chef Will Bowlby, owner of Kricket London, on showcasing variety in Indian cuisine: “I think the curry house is a very important part of our society, but it doesn’t show Indian regional food. There have been high end Indian restaurants for a while, like Cinnamon Club and Benares, but really we wanted to offer something similar that was accessible to everyone.”

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Chef Chintan Pandya, whose food is "made with care but no pretense; seasoned for people who love the interplay of spices; presented without apology in all its brown, lumpy glory; and complex in ways that demand full attention." - An Rong Xu, The New York Times

Akshay Bhardwaj, Executive Chef at Junoon NYC, in addition to being a gracious host and teacher.

"Bhardwaj encourages input from Junoon’s cooks, and he said they all share a vision, “which is exploring what we can really do with Indian cuisine, and being as imaginative as we can be, because we have such an awesome platform to do it'."

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